Crucible Training

Crucible Training is a modern Mystery School.  Some of the techniques which Rosalyn and Ken have developed are already renowned worldwide, for example the Chelation method of holistic healing, Brain-Balancing, Pain Drain and others.

These healing methods are introduced, applied and practiced in the Crucible Training seminars.  Topics include the Chakra system, ancient Egyptian Mystery School rites and temple symbology, international shamanic practices, the Native American Medicine Wheel, Qigong and training of the intuition in concordance with medical science. 

Energy transmission is taught in theory and practice, emphasizing the necessity for Energy Healers of developing their own  inner spiritual potential as well as learning and practicing healing techniques.  The courses are so conceived that both of these aspects are equally weighted:  half of the time is devoted to personal improvement and development and the other half to learning and practicing mental, spiritual and physical techniques. Crucible Training enables participants to  simultaneously develop their inward and outward qualities in balanced ways.