Crucible Training/Comments from Participants

Alternative practitioner (Heilpraktikerin) Wiltrud Walter from Schriesheim:"
“The basis of this type of work is to guide energy (qi) through invisible networks in the body, thus activating the correlated energy centers, or chakras.  Suppressed or subconscious themes related to a sickness can thus be brought back to a conscious level and dispersed.  In this way the patient can find enough strength to make the changes necessary for a healthier life.”

General practitioner Dr. Susanne Kessner from Bagenweiler:
“I consider myself a healer as well as a doctor.  The essence of my work is to endow the patient with increased vital strength, enabling him to activate his own innate healing powers.  I use energy therapy in 98% of my work.”

Gisela Clever, Reiki teacher from Düsseldorf:
“I owe my entire spiritual and professional existence to this exceptional woman.”

“Nobody just wakes up one day and decides to be crazy.”
Rosalyn L.Bruyere