Healing Light Center Church

After studying the theology of the Independent Church of Antioch (a branch of the Dutch Reformed Church) for several years and receiving training as a spiritualist, healer and medium, Rosalyn L. Bruyere was ordained as a Dutch Reformed pastor.  Propelled by her desire for a church she believes can meet the spiritual challenges of today and of the future while giving new meaning to religious practices and structures, she founded the Healing Light Center Church in 1975.

It is her wish that future generations will walk closely with God, with the Great Spirit, so that the various religious confessions can regain their original spiritual authenticity and intentions and thus be restored and renewed.    
Presently Rosalyn is the secular and sacred leader of the Healing Light Center Church in Glendale.  She invites people to an Easter service annually; it is possible to download this ceremony, Easter 2010 (in English) [Link].

Three of Rosalyn's German students have been ordained after studying and working with her for many years.  An active prayer circle has also been founded. [Contact]

During her courses there are often religious ceremonies such as weddings, baptisms and blessings.  

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