Sacred Feminine – The Return of Balance in the World

Interview with Californian healer Rosalyn Bruyere  
December 18, 2012

Questions were provided by students of the European Crucible Training.

Please explain to us what the Sacred Feminine is and how it expresses itself in people, animals, and in nature?
The term sacred feminine is a term that is used to bring into our consciousness the difference between a male deity and a female deity, especially in our expectation of God. It includes a greater awareness of natural cycles in all living things. It allows for a greater understanding of the necessary balance between the male and female principle.
What is the function or mission of the Sacred Feminine?
Every spiritual impulse has the mission to learn about yourself as a child of God. I refer here to the One God that is the beginning of all things and is not gendered but has a creative and procreative aspect. The feminine aspect of that is the fusion with the deity.
Is there also a shadow side of the Sacred Feminine?
If you mean 'is there a human side?', then yes. Feminists have tried to make us think that the feminine is somehow superior, and if there were more women in positions of power throughout the world that there would be no war and everything would run like a well run house, but the sacred feminine approach is to respect difference and work harder to maintain balance. It turns out that wisdom is not the same thing as idealism, and you can’t accomplish everything that’s necessary with a simple-minded consciousness.
It seems that the Sacred Feminine is coming to the fore once again as we are transitioning from the Piscean age to the Aquarian age.
Did the feminine qualities change during the course of history? Which feminine qualities need to be expressed now?

Feminine qualities are not synonymous with the Sacred Feminine, and feminine qualities have not changed through history. However, the ideal of the Aquarian age is one of balance, and becoming more aware that we are connected through both time and space. So when a volcano erupts in Iceland it affects travel and business over much of Europe for a month. In historical time we wouldn’t have known what caused the disruption and would be very upset at the change, but today we know the point of origin and adjust to the circumstances. We might whine about the inconvenience but accept that it is likely to cause a major famine that could kill thousands.
How do you see the Sacred Feminine being integrated into the dawning new age?
It won’t be easily integrated if we waste all our energy trying to be superior to the other half of ourselves. We waste energy trying to rewrite history instead of just learning history and acting as though we know it.
How can we consciously align ourselves with the Sacred Feminine? How to establish and integrate it into our daily life?
By asking ourselves how each of us can improve the future, whether we plant a tree, or just treat each other the way we think the Goddess would treat us. The trick is to know where you are and begin to move on.
Will the Sacred Feminine help to change the status of women in third world countries?
Not without men and women in the first world helping them to become financially independent through education and business. Women have a natural ability to conduct small business to feed their children and educate their children.

Do you see the Threefold Goddess - expressed in the colors white, red, and black - become part of mainstream culture again?  
White, red, and black, really? If you can find any three colors that represent freshness, and fullness and wisdom, then you might be able to choose that way, but those three colors sound like an old manual typewriter. I imagine there will be other ways to represent the concepts but not something like three colors. The trinity is a normal way to express the faces of deity, they will find their way into some artist's psyche and then that image will be worked with for a time.
How can we reintroduce the Sacred Feminine into the healing of medicine?
To heal and nurture is already a part of medicine. It could be worked with more directly but that’s already beginning to happen. Unless and until patients want to be treated by compassionate scientists the outer appearance won’t look different.
When did the imbalance between the masculine and the feminine set in?
It didn’t set in at any one time. It's not as simple as masculine and feminine. It’s also rational and mystical. The current problem goes back to the age of reason, but the pendulum swings back and forth throughout all of history.
What was the purpose of the historical split between the genders?
That’s the mystery, in indigenous cultures there is no split, just a separation of tasks according to apparent differences.  
Is there also the Sacred Masculine? If so, what is it?
Of course, it’s usually expressed as the rational design of creation. However, dividing the world in either/or is simplistic and just obscures any chance of a deeper meaning, or any true wisdom to be gained. In indigenous cultures when you are still living within the natural world your perspective is more balanced. No one thinks about spirituality as masculine or feminine, they consider the Earth as created by a benevolent creator using both masculine and feminine aspects.